Service Quality Introduction

The service industry thrives on a culture of high service quality. “Service quality” has been described by different service models.

Managers are helped in this endeavor by many service quality models. These models help managers to identify the service problems and take the necessary steps to overcome these problems.

One such theory is the theory of service quality gaps. The process by which consumers form an opinion of the service quality is a very complex procedure.

There are many theories that describe this process of evaluation of service quality by the consumer. However, there are two theories that are very popular in management folklore while evaluating service quality.

The first theory is the theory of “GAPS” which defines service quality in terms of four potential gaps. If the organization is unable to address these gaps then it leads to a fifth and more fatal gap.

The second theory is the theory of “SERVQUAL” which was developed based on American experiences by Parsuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry. These uses five dimensions to measure service quality.

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