Service Product Mix

The set of services offered by the service firm for sale is known as service product mix. It can be evaluated in terms of depth, length, width, and consistency. Here, the depth signifies the number of variations offered in a particular service line; length is the total number of service items included in a mix.

Likewise, width signifies the number of different service lines as offered by the service firm, and consistency refers to how diligently the service lines are interrelated with the marketing aspects like the perception of consumers, channels of distribution, etc.

For example, in a well-known medical center, there are individual managers for every service line offered by the center like children’s services, emergency services, orthopedics, heart, cancer, etc. Here, all the various product lines offered by the center will be its service product mix. Similarly, the service product mix of a bank may include more than a hundred financial services.

The following three dimensions are largely used for describing service product mix:
1) Width of the Service Product Mix: The number of different product lines as offered by the service firm is regarded as the width of the service product mix. Depending upon the service firm, this width can be either wide or narrow.

For example, the core service of Indigo airlines is air travel and holidays, which is regarded as the narrow depth of the service product mix. While on the other hand, the Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) offers different variations of products and services like cigarettes, hotel accommodations, food groupings, etc., which is regarded as a wide service product mix.

Width and Depth of Product Line

2) Depth of the Service Product Mix: The number of products or services present in a particular product line is regarded as the depth of the service product mix.

For example, ITC has a good depth of service product mix as it offers economic as well as a luxurious range of hotels in its hotel accommodation category to target and satisfy the needs and requirements of different segments of the market, i.e., people from different strata of society.

3) Consistency in Service Product Mix: The interrelation between different product lines in terms of their distribution, price range, end-use, targeted markets, etc., is regarded as the consistency in service product mix.

Usually, it is easy to manage a consistent mix as compared to an inconsistent mix. This is because, in a consistent service mix, the service companies focus on achieving expertise in service delivery, thereby developing a strong brand image and strong interpersonal relationships with the customers.

However, when there is excessive or unnecessary consistency in the service product mix, there are limited ranges of products or services.

Concept of Width, Depth and Range of Service Product

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