Process of Conducting 360-Degree Feedback

Following are the steps involved in conducting the process of 360- degree feedback:

1. Develop a Questionnaire: In the first step, a typical questionnaire is developed, which contains about 50 to 100 questions.

These questions relate to performance aspects like communication, judgment, leadership, discipline, coordination, etc.

2. Ensure Confidentiality: The management must take proactive steps to ensure the confidentiality of feedback results.

For example, in order to hide the identity of an individual employee, feedback ratings from different employees may be grouped together.

3. Provide Training: Proper training should be given to all employees about the significance and usage of the 360-degree appraisal technique.

4. Provide Feedback Forms: The company should either physically distribute the feedback forms to employees or upload them on its website so that employees have no problem accessing them

5. Analyse the Data: Analysis of data may involve interpretation of performance results, degree of difference between desired and actual performance, method of rating performance aspects, etc.

Besides, it involves analysis of employees’ strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for improvement.

6. Develop and Distribute Results: It is necessary that feedback should be provided to employees, though it is not necessary that employees should share the same with their superiors.

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