Process of Competency Mapping

Just like other methods used in organizations, competency mapping also follows certain steps. These steps are as follows:

1. Job Analysis: The first step is to analyze the present job holders and ask their viewpoint regarding the skills required to carry out their particular job.

For this, a PIQ, i.e., Position Information Questionnaire can be provided to the employees and they can be asked to fill it according to them.

Alternatively, information can also be gathered by using PIQ as a source for interviewing the job holders individually.

2. Developing Competency-Based Job Description: After the careful analysis of the job, required competencies, standard competencies can be formulated.

These standard competencies are the benchmarks, on the basis of which a job can be described.

But the thing that should be kept in mind before standardizing the competencies is that it should be developed after evaluating those employees who represent their group correctly.

3. Mapping of Competencies: It is the most important step in which the performance of all the employees is evaluated using the standard competencies of their job.

After analyzing the incumbents and developing competency-based job descriptions, mapping these competencies appropriately helps the organization to assess even those behaviors or skills of the employee that are not presented or displayed by them.

4. Evaluation: Finally, the evaluation of the competency mapping is done so that the employees who need to be trained to advance their skills can be guided suitably.

In order to enhance certain competencies or capabilities of the individual, the organization can conduct training and development programs.

This will further improve their performance and promote them towards the attainment of organizational goals.

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