Procedure for Formulating the Services Promotion Strategies

The procedure for formulating the services promotion strategies is as follows:

1. Target Market Identification: Identifying the target market is very necessary for determining the communication message, its style, it’s way of delivery, it’s timing, etc.

For example, middle and upper class and corporates are targeted by the airline’s organizations.

2. Objective Determination: The next step after defining the target market is to determine the promotion objectives. It is very important to have promotion objectives as these fulfill the following points:

  1. Deciding the media, creativity, and budget.
  2. Establishing the benchmark for measuring the performance.

3. Budget Establishment: After deciding the promotion objectives, the service organization goes for establishing the budget for it.

Designing the budget is a very sensitive task. A good budget encompasses enough capital for fulfilling promotion objectives.

4. Media Selection: In the next stage of the promotion procedure, the communication channel is selected. Two channels of communication are available to the service marketers — personal and non-personal.

For example, traditional personal and electronic media are used by Airlines.

5. Message Development: Now, the promotion message is actually created. The needs of the target audience, as well as the organizational objectives, should be in accordance with the message.

For example, in spice jet slogan involves, “Get more when you fly Spice Jet.”

6. Evaluation of Effectiveness: In the last, it is very important to evaluate the effectiveness of the service promotion program. It helps in identifying excessive efforts, alternative promotion approaches, etc.

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