Problems in Goal-Setting

Problems in goal-setting are as follows:

1. Gives Sense of Failure: Goal achievement creates a sense of accomplishment or mastery of a skill. When someone does not achieve a goal, he may experience a sense of failure.

This failure could prevent the person from setting goals in the future or working to achieve important milestones.

2. Creates Pressure: Stated goals create pressure, especially if someone else creates them. Someone tasked with improving her work performance by 25 percent over the previous year might feel the pressure of having to meet an employer’s expectations.

Even personal goals create additional pressure. Someone with the goal of losing weight might feel pressure when dining at restaurants or attending events featuring high-fat, high-calorie foods.

3. Sometimes Demotivates Employees: Setting goals that are too vague can lead to poor performance compared to specific and challenging goals.

Goals that are not properly crafted can become demotivating. If the goal seems too easy or not specific enough, then the employee is not motivated to achieve it.

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