Principles of Performance Counselling

Major principles of performance counselling are as follows:

  1. Strengthening communication between manager and the employee.
  2. Making the employee understand performance level exhibited by him – successful performance or marginal.
  3. Involving the employee in the problem-solving process.
  4. Enabling the employee to identify elements that contributed to success.
  5. Helping the employee to attain performance objectives.
  6. Motivating the employee for gaining commitment to improve performance.
  7. Maintaining and increasing the employee’s self-esteem.
  8. Providing support, guidance, and resources as may be required by the employee to successfully achieve performance objectives.
  9. Encouraging the employee to learn.
  10. Focusing on behaviour, not personality.
  11. Using reinforcement techniques to shape behaviour.
  12. Reposing trust and confidence in the employee for achieving performance objectives.
  13. Documenting the discussion.

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