Objectives of Service Promotion

The main objectives of service promotion are classified as:

1. General Objectives

  1. To distinguish the service offer and service provider from other competing firms.
  2. To develop awareness and recognition of the service product and service provider.
  3. To convey or proclaim the various utilities and advantages of the services available.
  4. To maintain the overall image and eminence of the service provider.

2. Objectives Targeted at Customers

  1. To expand the recognition level of a new or current service offered by the service organization.
  2. To persuade non-users to attend a demonstration of the service.
  3. To prompt non-users for the trial of a service.
  4. To urge present customers to continue using the services and not to stop the use of service or shift to another brand offering similar service.
  5. To augment advertising for the service and grab the attention of the target audience towards it.

3. Objectives Targeted at Intermediaries

  1. To encourage current intermediaries to pressurize more for the service including point of sale merchandising.
  2. To convince intermediaries to deliver a new or revised service.

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