Objectives of Performance Counselling

Objectives of performance counselling are as follows:

  1. To help subordinates in realising Ms potential as a manager or a leader, etc.
  2. To help subordinates in understanding himself – Ms strengths and Ms weaknesses.
  3. To provide subordinates an opportunity to acquire more insight into Ms behaviour and analyse the dynamics of such behaviour.
  4. To help in having better understanding of the environment.
  5. To increase subordinate’s personal and inter-personal effectiveness by giving him feedback about his behaviour and assisting him in analysing Ms inter-personal competence.
  6. To encourage subordinates in setting goals for further improvement.
  7. To assist in generating alternatives and a final action plan for dealing with various problems.
  8. To create an empathic atmosphere to share and discuss Ms tensions, conflicts, concerns and problems.
  9. To help subordinates in reviewing in a non-threatening way his progress in achieving various objectives.

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