Methods of Performance Planning

There are a number of methods through which employee performance can be planned. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Task Analysis: Task analysis offers a great deal of information about the jobs under study and the kind of skills, knowledge, or attitude required to accomplish these jobs.

2. Key Performance Areas: It is the pre-condition for appointment to a specific role or position within the organization.

KPA is singular in approach and works at the level of individuals, i.e., instead of groups, individuals are assessed for their key functional areas.

Ascertaining KPAs and laying down measurable targets for it is one of the several ways of planning employees’ performance.

3. Key Result Areas: In these areas, instead of particular jobs, goals are meant to be achieved. It is a comparatively broader zone of employee action which is based on departmental objectives in order to achieve their long-term goals.

4. Action Plans: Action plans lay down mutually agreed on short-term courses of action for putting into effect a performance improvement plan. It schedules specific jobs to be carried out so as to achieve organizational goals.

5. Goal Setting Exercise: Goals directly regulate human action and behavior. The theory of goal setting proposes that people with set goals are directed more towards their work as compared to those people who are without any set goals.

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