Meaning and Definition of Employee Development

Nowadays, more than ever, the focus of organisations is on human resource, and in this competitive global business environment, human resource is an asset that plays a predominant role in positioning the company on the top of the others.

Today businesses are in a state of dynamism and flux in every field. If organisations want to succeed and grow, efficient managers and executives who are capable of enhancing and updating their skills to match fast-changing needs are required in such a business environment.

Management development is defined as a systematic process that enables managers to develop their abilities in order to attain sustained development and growth.

Management development is an educational process with the long-term objectives of imparting theoretical and conceptual knowledge to managerial staff.

It is not concerned with developing operational skills and technical know-how. Thus, it focuses on a broader educational canvas and has long-term outcomes as goals.

According to Dale S. Beach, “Management development is a systematic process of training and growth by which individuals gain and apply knowledge, skills, insights and attitudes to manage orientation effectively”.

According to Flippo, “Management development includes the processes by which managers and executives acquire not only skills and competency in their present jobs but also capacities for future managerial tasks”.

According to Koontz and Donnell, “Manager development concerns the means by which a person cultivates those skills which application improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which the anticipated results of a particular organisational segment are achieved”.

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