Managing People For Service Advantage Introduction

Many researchers, academicians, and business houses are paying attention to the growing field of HRM (Human Resource Management).

The study of HRM is essential at such places where manpower is required for carrying out manufacturing processes, like in factories, etc., because this study helps in managing the laborers or workforce who are involved doing repetitive and monotonous tasks.

Since the last few years, in most of the growing economies, the manufacturing sector has witnessed a decline while the service sector is contributing more to the growth of the economies.

As services are growing day by day, so the theories and approaches developed for the marketing of products are becoming less useful. 4Fs of marketing are considered to be one of the main concepts of marketing.

These 4P’s were sufficient to carry out business operations when the manufacturing sector was the dominant sector, but nowadays this concept is not completely suitable because of the dominance of the service industry.

Hence, three extra P’s, i.e., people, process, and physical evidence are added to the original 4P’s. This is fairly acceptable because the successful delivery of services mostly depends upon the person delivering them.

The term ‘People’ is used in services marketing from two perspectives. One for service employees, i.e., internal marketing while another for customers, i.e., external marketing. In this way, the term people indicate both employees and customers, in services marketing.

Highly capable and motivated people are at the center of service excellence and productivity. From a customer’s perspective, the encounter with service staff is probably the most important aspect of service.

Furthermore, frontline employees play a key role in anticipating customers’ needs, customizing the service delivery, and building personalized relationships with customers.

When these activities are performed effectively, it should lead to customer loyalty.

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