Importance of Self-Assessment

The importance of self-assessment is as follows:

1. Establishes Dignity: Self- assessment helps to establish a person’s dignity and gives him moral satisfaction.

2. Leads to Inner Harmony: A correct appraisal leads to inner harmony, ensuring a reasonable self-confidence, an incorrect one, to constant conflict.

3. Helps to be Self-Critical: An adequate self-assessment implies the ability to set oneself realizable goals, to rationally control the flow of one’s thoughts, to guide one general direction and choose their final destination, to constantly check the suppositions one is making, and to weigh up pros and cons, to reject unjustified variants and hypotheses, in other words, to be self-critical.

4. Measures Level of Expectations: In performing the very important function of organizing effective control of one’s behavior, self-appraisal is a necessary precondition for measuring the level of one’s expectations, i.e., the tasks that a person sets himself and considers himself capable of accomplishing.

5. Helps to Abandon a Wrong Action: A true self-assessment enables one to abandon any undertaking he may have begun if he realizes that it cannot yield good results, and particularly if he sees that it is wrong or harmful course.

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