Importance of Learning

Learning is an important process as it helps in making knowledgeable behavioral changes in individuals and societies. It is also significant for, the organizations due to the following reasons:

1. Helps In Controlling Employee Behaviour: Learning helps ‘organizations in controlling the behavior of the employees at the workplace.

2. Determines Employee Behaviour: It assists managers in recognizing the level to which learning can be applied to the A behavior for the growth of employees as well as the organization.

3. Helps Managers Differentiate between Learning and Acquiring: Learning helps the managers to distinguish whether a skill is being learned or acquired.

Thus, managers are able to determine that skill is an acquired one or the employee is naturally gifted with that skill.

4. Brings Significant Changes in Training: Learning brings about significant changes in the training of employees.

It helps managers in the maximum development of talents and abilities of an employee for efficient performance at the workplace.

5. Enhances Growth in Functional Behaviour: In order to achieve organizational goals, managers act as educators.

They give instructions to the employees to engage themselves in such behaviors which help in the achievement of organizational objectives.

They also control and manage unwanted behaviors like absenteeism, carelessness, disorderliness and encourage the development of purposeful behaviors by giving adequate reviews and benefits.

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