Importance of Employee Development

The importance of employee development are as follows:

  1. It enhances the leadership qualities and problem-solving abilities of managers.
  2. It facilitates the development of those trainees who have a good grasp of the fundamental principles of management, possess the capability of working in a team, leading a team as well as coordinating the worker’s activities with time, familiar with resources and machinery to become an effective supervisor.
  3. It enhances the efficiency of supervisors in training and developing their workers, both old and new. This is done to make them competent to perform their present and future tasks to adapt according to the changing strategies and goals of the organisation.
  4. It promotes and maintains good relations between managers and labour by fostering a better understanding of organisational rules and policies, including the correct interpretation and implementation of the collective bargaining agreements,
  5. It promotes and helps to maintain excellent employee relations by providing training with regard to interpersonal relationships, inspiring them to achieve better performance by understanding their strengths, weaknesses and personal characteristics, and by encouraging them to maintain a proper attitude towards their work.

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