Customer Needs and Expectations of Services

The goods and services are purchased by the customers for fulfilling particular needs. Needs have a specific place in the unconscious minds of the people, where they can reside for a long enough time and also may become an issue.

Whenever a need is felt by the people, they move towards fulfilling it. In several cases, usually buying of goods and services might prove to provide the best solution for fulfilling that particular need.

It is followed by a comparison regarding the expectation and actual results, especially when a lot of time, money, and efforts are spent in buying the goods or services which could otherwise have spent in buying a substitute.

Customer expectation of service is generally what the customer expects from the service. The overall service delivery of the service organization is analyzed on the basis of this expectation.

In order to judge the quality of the service, consumers compare such expectations with their perceptions of the service offered.

Therefore, understanding the customer expectations of services is very crucial for service marketers in order to offer quality service.

In the case of falling short of expectations, there could be a loss of that particular customer business and it could be grabbed by the competitors.

The expectations of the customers refer to their desires and want. The essence is that the expectations of the customers are what the customers desire that the organization should cater to them through their goods and services.

However, in most cases, there is a lot of disparity between what is desired and what is actually delivered to them.

Therefore, instead of focusing on service performance, service providers should focus on the customer expectation of the service.

These expectations help the service organizations in laying down the foundation for a customer-oriented system which would help in the delivery of quality services.

However, all the efforts which are targeted towards exceeding the expectations of the customers might prove to be useless if the customers’ actual needs are not identified.

To direct the quality initiatives of the service organization, it is essential for service providers to identify the customer expectation of the services at each encounter level.

A promise of delivery of quality service is what attracts the customers towards a particular service provider. But, if the service personnel are not sure about such promises, the probability to offer quality services vanishes.

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