Characteristics of Potential

Potential typically represents latent qualities in an individual, which manifests in concrete terms while performing various tasks/jobs.

Some characteristics representing potential are:

  1. Ability to foresee future opportunities and assess the impact of any initiative/decision taken today.
  2. Has an institutionalized way of working to ensure continuity and consistency of approach.
  3. Ability to identify resource gaps by the use of basic intelligence/subject knowledge/analytical and quantitative skills and further find ways and means of overcoming these so as to ultimately create higher value.
  4. Personal quality to be level-headed and to respond in an effective and measured manner even under conditions of severe stress.
  5. Ability to function in varied environments with confidence and deliver high performance.
  6. Ability to see the larger picture as well as recognize the need to get into micro-details.
  7. To display a high degree of personal and intellectual integrity at all times.

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