Characteristics of Performance Planning

Following are the important characteristics of performance planning:

1. It forms the basis of effective performance management as it involves effective participation of both the employees and the managers in setting up performance standards;

2. It begins with identification and acceptance of organizational goals and strategies and ends with the establishment of performance standards;

3. It demonstrates the dedication of employees and managers towards the achievement of organizational goals and objectives;

4. It is an essential function of management and an essential part of the performance management system;

5. It is an instrument that assists the employees in giving their best to the organization through improved competencies, dedicated efforts, and meaningful results;

6. It provides a comprehensive approach to employee performance development;

7. It lays down the course of action for achieving desired goals and objectives;

8. It ascertains the resources needed for effective individual/team outputs;

9. It determines how to work effectiveness will be measured;

10. It denotes the organization’s willingness to recognize and reward extraordinary performances;

11. It provides a logical basis for differentiating between different levels of performance; and

12. It creates continuous communication that promotes a shared understanding of goals and expectations.

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