Service Marketing Strategies for Education Services

Positioning is the consumer perception of an organization that resides in their mind. For higher education institutions, positioning and strategy for critical for their marketing, communication, and product- development decisions. However, within colleges and universities, and within the distance-education space, …

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Nature of Educational Services

The nature of educational services has been discussed below: 1. Blended Learning: Educational services are mainly the combination of various elements like forums, readings, textbooks, blackboard courses, wikis, e-lectures, face-to-face lectures, etc. Both the online and face-to-face instruction are combined …

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Educational Services Introduction

Education can be seen as the most vital element in the development of human resource in any society. The progression of the education sector is directly associated with the growth in economic development and national prosperity. Educated individuals can manage …

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Marketing in Public Utility Services

It is significant to improve the responsiveness and efficiency of the public services since then only their development can be justified. This will, in turn, results in increasing the satisfaction level of both the people and the employees. A market-oriented …

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Importance of Public Utilities

The significance of public utilities are as follows: 1. No Competition: In absence of the competition owing to the monopoly of the public sector, there is a certainty about continuous and effective services. 2. No Discrimination: Discrimination among the poor …

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Types of Public Utility Services

Following are the different kinds of public utility services: 1. Electrical Utility: An organization operating in the electric power industry (usually a public utility) is referred to as an electric utility. Such organizations deal in the production and distribution of …

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Public Utility Services

The utility can be defined as the combination of various services such as postal, banks, passport, telecom, electricity, municipality, ATMs disaster management and election which are mainly facilitated to the common citizens from the government and they constitute the basic …

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Marketing in Professional Services

Service marketing strategies for professional services include the following: Market segmentation of professional services and Marketing mix of professional services. Market Segmentation of Professional Services A target market can be selected by a professional services organization with the help of …

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Types of Professional Services

Professional services include the following: Management advisory services. Accounting services, Consultancy services, Educational services, Healthcare services, Environmental services, Legal services, Logistics and supply management services, Banking services, and Insurance services.

Importance of Professional Services

Following are the points regarding the significance of professional I services: 1. Unmatched Expertise: Professional services are matchless in terms of expert knowledge of the service providers about the machinery, tools, and procedures that will help in ensuring outstanding and …

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