Behavioural Performance Management Introduction

The behavioral approach to the performance management system rests on the idea that one can get the right level of performance from employees based on a demonstration of desirable behaviors.

This system contrasts with the outcome approach in which the results of employee work efforts are emphasized. Employees must receive a direct explanation of expected behaviors at the beginning of their employment.

Effective performance management is much more than managing ‘numbers’. It is vitally important that the employees understand both business expectations of their behaviors, the behaviors that directly impact the success of the business, and why those behaviors are so important to the business.

Managing the behavioral element of the employee’s performance enables the company to help their employees achieve that clarity and perform to the standards the business needs.

Behavior performance management is a science that explains how people behave. It cannot go away any more than gravity can go away.

In a changing world, the science of behavior must remain the bedrock, the starting place for every decision we make, every new technology we apply, and every initiative we employ m our efforts to bring out the best in people.

Learning theories and principles and organizational reward systems serve as a foundation for the behavioral management approach.

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