Barriers in Performance Planning

Barriers in performance planning can be categorized as follows:

1. Organisational Barriers: Most conventional organizations do not give much importance to performance planning.

These organizations have a mindset that performance planning leads to no tangible results and hence it amounts to wastage of resources.

This mindset is based on the belief that they have a far superior execution strategy. A typical example of such an ideology is found in the marketing and sales strategy of most Indian and multinational companies.

2. Individual Barriers: In some cases, both the employees and the managers do not have the desired willingness to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

In such cases, they avoid taking responsibilities and make little effort to achieve organizational goals. The reasons for such behavior are diverse and may include factors related to organization, personal development, competition, etc.

For example, in organizations where decision-making power is concentrated in the hands of top management, there generally managers and employees feel powerless and hence disheartened.

Other factors like inappropriate workplace environment, politics, and interpersonal conflict disconnect the employee from the organization. These factors, in essence, serve as barriers to effective performance planning.

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