Advantages of Competency Mapping

Competency mapping is’ beneficial for both employees as well as the organization if conducted effectively. Following are the advantages of competency mapping:

1. Organization: Advantages of competency mapping for the organizations are as follows:

  1. Competency mapping provides an opportunity to evaluate the competency level of the employees as per the industry/company set standards.
  2. Training focuses only on a particular skill of an individual where they are lagging. No expenses are made on special training methods as employees are trained during the job only. Thus, it is a cost-effective method for the organization.
  3. Data gathered from various methods of competency mapping can be utilized in various functions of an organization such as recruiting appropriate candidates, succession planning formulating teams having corresponding abilities, promotion, etc.
  4. It identifies the training and development needs efficiently and is also an important tool for developing human resources.
  5. It can assess the adaptability to change an organization it also assists the organization in rearranging itself after the occurrence of change.
  6. Competency mapping also enhances productivity through improving the skills and knowledge of employees.

2. Individual: The advantages of competency mapping for individuals are as follows:

  1. It helps the employees to evaluate themselves as per their own ease.
  2. Individual’s knowledge and capabilities get noticed.
  3. Since on-the-job training is provided to employees, they can easily develop their skills at their own speed.
  4. The time taken by employees for their self-development is less as compared to other self-development programs.
  5. This method helps tedious managers become more dynamic by making them perform various interesting tasks.

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